AIR Kota 1413 AM

Language: Hindi Rajasthani

AIR Kota 1413 AM

About AIR Kota 1413 AM

AIR Kota, a division of All India Radio, broadcasts live from Kota, Rajasthan, on 1413 AM. Featuring a dynamic lineup, Akashvani AIR Kota delivers a blend of AIR news, talk shows, current affairs discussions, and world news updates. Enriching its programming further, it showcases Rajasthani melodies and Hindi talk shows. Access the diverse content of Akashvani AIR Kota FM radio station online, where listeners can engage with informative discussions, stay updated on global events, and immerse themselves in the cultural richness of Rajasthan through its captivating music. Tune in for an enriching experience with Akashvani AIR Kota.

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AIR Kota 1413 AM Contact Details

Address - 5 Park House Jhalawar Road Nayapura KOTA 324001 Rajasthan
Phone - 91 744 2322443