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Radio Mann 90.8 FM

Language: Hindi

Radio Mann 90.8 FM

About Radio Mann 90.8 FM

Radio Mann is an esteemed radio station based in India, and it holds the distinction of being the sole radio station in Vidisha. Broadcasting on the frequency of 90.8 MHz, it covers a radius of 60 km, reaching out to the surrounding areas. Radio Mann delights its listeners with a captivating collection of Hindi songs. What sets it apart is that the programming language is exclusively Hindi, providing an immersive experience for Hindi-speaking audiences. With its immense popularity, Radio Mann 90.8 FM attracts a substantial audience of over 250,000 listeners daily, according to a recent survey. It stands as the most beloved and sought-after station in the region, gaining its remarkable popularity in Vidisha within a remarkably short span of time. Tune in to Radio Mann 90.8 FM online and enjoy the enriching experience it has to offer.

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