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Sweety FM

About Sweety FM

Sweety FM is an enchanting radio station that immerses its audience in the melodious world of Tamil Christian music. This exceptional station excels in curating a harmonious fusion of devotional melodies, hymns, and contemporary Christian songs, all delivered in the soothing Tamil language. Sweety FM serves as a sanctuary for those in search of spiritual solace through the medium of music.

With a diverse playlist encompassing both traditional and modern Tamil Christian music, this station offers a musical journey that resonates deeply with its dedicated listeners. Whether your quest is for inner peace, inspiration, or simply a tranquil atmosphere,  Sweety FM stands as the ideal destination to uplift your spirits and forge a connection with your faith through the captivating sounds of Tamil Christian music.

Tune in to Sweety FM for a genuinely enchanting and spiritually enriching musical experience, where the melodies of devotion and praise take center stage, creating an atmosphere of serenity and contemplation.

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Sweety FM Contact Details

Address - 33/21,Cheyour Road, Griblespet,Palanipet Post,Arakkonam- 631002
Phone - (+91) 9585 932 932
Site - https://sweetyfm.com/